Revolve:R, edition three

Revolve:R is a multidisciplinary and international collaboration based on visual correspondence – initiated and curated by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal - which explores a transmission of ideas via physical and tactile forms of communication (such as printed matter and the postal service) as well as a parallel interplay online. Besides imagery, Revolve:R includes poetry, film, soundscapes and music. Each Revolve:R edition is presented as a limited edition bookwork publication.

Continuing from the thematic development of Revolve:R, edition one (2013) and Revolve:R, edition two (2015) - inspired by concepts of chance and synchronicity - in Summer 2017 the curators sent an artwork to a number of artists with the invitation to respond with an artwork of their own by a set date. Once all these artworks were received a new work, both a synthesis, edit and 'answer' to the collective works, was produced, and sent back to all participating artists. Within each Revolve:R project there are six such round (referred to as 'Revolves') of this process of communication which effectively form six chapters within the bookwork publications.

For Revolve:R, edition three poets were invited to write poetry in response to the collective artworks of each of the six Revolves. These six poems were then forwarded to six artist-filmmakers who each made a short film in reply. Each poem was also forwarded to another poet who in turn responded with a poem of their own. As well as the poets artists working with sound as well as musicians were also invited to create a soundscape, or song, inspired by the collective artworks of each of the six Revolves.

As a multidisciplinary site and source for experimentation and exchange, Revolve:R aims to support the artists involved through the publication and exhibition of their work. With a strong focus on collaborative practice, the project facilitates communications between national and international arts communities, transcending geographic and linguistic boundaries, and is intended as a vehicle for new and responsive artistic dialogue and interaction.

Revolve:R, edition three is due to be published in 2018 by Arrow Bookworks (UK) and intellect (Bristol, UK / Chicago, USA).